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June 9, 2007

Have I mentioned recently that I love iTunes?

Oh, how I love the 'tunes. Not only does it enable those late-night urges when I hear a particular piece of music and really, really, REALLY want it on my iPod, but it also saved this season of HOUSE, what with all the t-storms hitting our area on Tuesday nights and long-winded Fox weathermen rambling on and on about possible tornados until that week's episode was over.

And now I've purchased all of the Season 6 eps of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION that I missed this season, so I am fully up to date on Grissom and Sara's relationship (personally, I'm betting they'll bring back Jorja Fox next season -- there's been enough hue and cry over her possible departure that I don't see CBS cutting her out), what was going on with Mike Keppler while Grissom was on his sabbatical, and what happened to Catherine's dad (I knew he was dead -- I just didn't know how)). Have I mentioned that I get just a tad...OCD...when I'm sick? And since I bought the Season 4 box set two weeks ago specifically to see the episode "Jackpot" (long story), it just kind of grew from there.

And suddenly I'm mulling over a fanfic resolving the Season 6 cliffhanger that involves Catherine calling her profiler cousin Dr. Spencer Reid (hey, they're both from Las Vegas -- it could happen) to do a fast and dirty profile on Natalie (the Miniature Killer) and postulate where she might have hidden Sara, plus Garcia calling in a favor from Abby Sciuto regarding landscape matching software. I am nothing if not a crossover queen.

Well, that's settled

Just booked a room at the Marriott Residence Inn in Saratoga Springs and booked my flight for WFC 2007 (aka the World Fantasy Convention -- it's a business convention for specfic writers, and as I got two agents' cards, an invite to submit a short story to an antho and an okay from a publisher to send her UNDERCOVER GODMOTHER at the last one, you bet I'm going to this year's con). The only problem with WFC is that it's so damn popular, the hotel rapidly sells out, which is why I'm staying two miles away from the actual con hotel. Again. Feh.

But this year, by God, I'm getting the 2008 membership early and booking a room in the actual frigging hotel. Calgary, here I come!

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